BeeGFS Parallel File System

Parallel Cluster Storage Solutions for HPC, Cloud & Big Data Centers

BeeGFS (formerly FhGFS) is the leading parallel cluster storage solutions for HPC, Cloud and Big Data Centers, developed with a strong focus on performance and designed for very easy installation, configuration and management. If I/O intensive workloads are your problem, BeeGFS is the solution.

The BeeGFS parallel file system was developed for performance-critical environments, with a focus on easy installation and high flexibility. By increasing the number of servers and disks in the system, the file system's performance and capacity can seamlessly be scaled out from small clusters to enterprise-class systems with thousands of nodes. RAID Inc. has helped to design BeeGFS to be future-proof.

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Key Features
  • Data and metadata for each file are separated into stripes
  • Secure authentication process between client and server to protect sensitive data
  • Fair I/O option on user level to prevent a single user with multiple requests to stall other user requests
  • Storage high-availability based on replication
  • Automatic network failover
  • Optional server failover for external shared storage devices
  • Runs on non-standard architectures

Maximum Flexibility

BeeGFS® supports a wide range of Linux distributions, including RHEL/Fedora, SLES/OpenSuse and Debian/Ubuntu and a wide range of Linux kernels.

Storage servers run on top of existing local filesystems. Clients and servers can be added to an existing system without any downtime.

Multiple networks and dynamic failover are supported for when network connections are down.

Multiple services can run on the same physical machine. This eliminates the need for external storage resources, providing a cost-efficient solution with simplified management.

Maximum Scalability

BeeGFS® offers maximum scalability on various levels. It supports distributed file contents with flexible striping across the storage servers on a by file or by directory base as well as distributed metadata.

BeeGFS® was initially optimized especially for use in HPC and provides:

  • Best in class client throughput (3.5 GB/s write and 4.0 GB/s read with a single I/O stream on FDR Infiniband)
  • Best in class metadata performance: linear scalability through dynamic metadata namespace partitioning
  • Best in class storage throughput: BeeGFS® servers allow flexible choice of underlying file system to perfectly fit the given storage hardware.

Maximum Usability

The BeeGFS® servers are userspace daemons and do not require special administration rights. The client is a kernel module that does not require any patches to the kernel itself.

BeeGFS® also was designed with easy administration in mind. The graphical administration and monitoring system enables users to deal with typical management tasks in a simple and intuitive way:

  • cluster installation,
  • storage service management,
  • live throughput and health monitoring,
  • file browsing,
  • striping configuration,
  • and more.