Tailored HPC Solutions : 6-Step Holistic Process

To deliver our tailored HPC solutions, RAID Inc.'s consultative sales and system design process is customized every step of the way. From the initial sales call to installation day, RAID Inc. works closely with clients to assess their unique computing and storage requirements by examining every facet of their computing needs.
6-Step Holistic ProcessWe take a concierge approach to nurture our partnership
  • The Layered Holistic Approach for Determining a Customer's Needs and Issues ThumbnailStep 1: The Layered Holistic Approach for Determining a Customer's Needs and Issues
    RAID's team of expert engineers first goes through an extensive process of examining each layer to understand the customer’s unique environment. This process is done whether the customer is looking for a full turnkey solution or just a single product to solve a specific need. The customer is involved in every step of the process, ensuring the success of their customized computational solution.

    6-step process diagram
  • Goals & Expectations ThumbnailStep 2: Goals & Expectations
    RAID's team has a depth or practical experience across a broad range of industries and understands the needs and constraints of different workplaces. At this point, RAID Inc. and the customer discuss the tradeoffs between performance, functionality, usability and price.
  • Proof of Concept ThumbnailStep 3: Proof of Concept
    Once a consensus on the system design is reached, RAID Inc. then whiteboards different solutions for the customer’s unique environment at different price points. Multiple solutions are presented to the customer and one is selected.
  • Physical Solution ThumbnailStep 4: Physical Solution
    The solution is configured in RAID Inc.’s lab environment using the same expressed environmental challenges and requirements of the customer. By setting up this test environment prior to installing the final product, RAID Inc. ensures that previously set goals and expectations are met and that complications are minimized.
  • Installation ThumbnailStep 5: Installation
    RAID’s team of expert technicians work with the customer to ensure the installation site is ready to handle all energy and cooling requirements of the new solution. Once this is accomplished, RAID's engineers will deliver the solution to the customer site, install and test all components.
  • The RAID Approach ThumbnailStep 6: The RAID Approach
    RAID Inc. employs a concierge post-sale approach to service that can best be described as a team approach. Every customer is assigned a dedicated support engineer, an engineering manager and a committed sales consultant.

    The support engineer is available to answer any post-sale questions, help with any problems, and to facilitate a continuity of knowledge. The engineering manager oversees any outstanding queries, even once the initial issue is resolved.

    RAID Inc is unique from other vendors who offer impersonal or one-off troubleshooting in that the sales consultant remains closely involved with their customers even post-sale and can address any requests in a timely and thorough manner.