About Us

As complex scientific research and big data challenges in all areas of R&D grow and increase in complexity, RAID, Inc. has the history and experience as a trusted partner to help customers in all verticals meet these challenges. Since 1994, we have accumulated extensive industry knowledge and developed key business relationships in academia, research laboratories, government, and commercial sectors. Using a time-tested vendor agnostic, six-step process, we partner with customers to understand unique challenges and then create custom solutions that accelerate time to results, seamlessly integrating into existing infrastructure.

File Systems for Big Data, HPC, Cloud

File sizes, speed of data movement and types of data are now orders of magnitude greater than the traditional storage system can handle. To meet this need for speed, RAID, Inc. specializes in file systems that are extremely easy to scale as the demand for storage grow. This solution is ideal for a host of solutions such as High Performance Online Storage, Cloud Computing, and Linux on GPFS Cloud Deployments to name a few.

Block Storage, Object Storage, EBOD & Compute Servers

Before RAID, Inc. selects scalable storage solutions and products, including object, hadoop, BeeGFS, Gluster, block storage, enterprise JBOD, and custom servers, we follow a rigorous vetting process, ensuring that components meet the customer’s technical and budgetary requirements. Through this scrupulous and exacting assessment process, RAID, Inc. identifies best-of-breed products for each unique situation.

RAID, Inc. Lets You Focus on Results

RAID Inc. allows our customers to focus on the research and results rather than the technology and tools. We integrate the sales process, product development, production, consulting, and support to create a uniquely personalized service from the initial engagement throughout the life cycle of each project. The comment heard most often from customers is “With your customer-first philosophy, your support is second-to-none.” Contact us to find the file system that fits your needs best.