Concierge Approach

A successful technical computing solution requires an intricate heterogeneous, multi-vendor infrastructure. A minor issue with one product can have disastrous effects on the entire solution. Inter-operability issues between systems from different vendors can be difficult to diagnose. And once issues are identified, customers must expend a significant amount of time and effort trying to coordinate support from multiple vendors which can be both time intensive and costly.

Since its founding in 1994 as technical computing specialists, RAID Inc. has developed extensive industry knowledge and relationships, and has partnered with the leading research teams to create vendor-agnostic customized technical computing solutions. From this experience, RAID Inc. has developed a deep understanding of the significance of superior service and support.

As part of RAID Inc.’s unique six-step holistic process, the company assigns a dedicated support engineer, an engineering manager, and a committed sales consultant into a core project team. This project team works with you from the start of the engagement through the life of the relationship. This concierge approach provides dedicated, personalized service and support. We take ownership of any issue and can be your first and only contact to access world class support for any vendor’s products we sell.

RAID Inc. believes that scientists and researchers should focus on the science and delivering results, not on the tools. Likewise, the Infrastructure Technology teams should focus on implementing the best tools, not coordinating support calls. RAID Inc.’s concierge approach provides a single point of contact for the entire multi-vendor customized technical computing environment, and delivers personalized service and support. This concierge approach is one of the methods RAID Inc. uses to ensure your long-term success.