Cross Platform Analytical Interface Dashboard

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Key Features
  • Browser based GUI with alerting and logging
  • Real-time analytics and dashboard level metrics
  • Health and performance monitoring dashboard
  • Component level health information gathering
  • Drive performance monitoring on JBODs
  • System health service alerts
  • Network capable PDUs, UPSs and Switch monitoring
  • Automated Syslog and email notifications
  • Full API integration
  • SMART and SES
  • Firmware updates
  • File system level monitoring (coming soon)
  • Node provisioning (coming soon)
  • ZFS dashboard (coming soon)

RAID AID: Analytical Interface Dashboard

As big data storage capacity continues to expand at break-neck speeds, customers are increasingly challenged to remain informed and be proactive in regards to deployment metrics.

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The Overview

This cross-platform dashboard is file system agnostic and enables central, self control over the full range of computing resources. Administrators can view visually rich dashboards to monitor data they care about the most from the entire infrastructure, including processing/GPU, storage, network, and clusters with different attributes, such as security, performance, availability, health, charts and optimization recommendations.

RAID AID provides a comprehensive set of metrics using open-source protocols to measure, monitor and alert for example, monitoring IOPS, latency, capacity for mission critical applications. The AID tool intelligently provides a real-time optimized pipeline in which overlapping workloads run efficiently, reliably, and at the lowest-practical cost.