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Hosting Services Provider is an umbrella term to identify companies that focus on delivering hosted services to their customers. Within these broad categories are cloud hosting companies from the smallest to the web-scale like Google, Amazon and Microsoft. Also included are X-as-a-service (XaaS) cloud services and vertical solution providers, who host applications for a specific vertical market such as manufacturing, health care, retailing or financial services.

Traditional data storage systems were designed to be either general purpose file servers or to support databases. Using custom hardware and software, these intelligent storage systems provide many built in services, such as RAID for data protection, checkpoints for database backups, replication for disaster recovery, multiple protocols for accessibility, and clustering for high availability. As a result, these systems are big, complex, power-hungry and costly.

Hosting services providers do not need most of the built-in features or intelligence of traditional storage systems. Instead, they need very low cost storage solutions that can handle the rapidly increasing volume and velocity of unstructured data. Many providers are turning to software defined storage, such as Microsoft Storage Spaces, as a solution.

As all intelligence is built in to the software, software defined storage is architected to run on commodity hardware, drastically lowering the cost. Scaling is accomplished through both “scale-up” (adding more disks to a storage system) and “scale-out” (grouping multiple systems together), resulting in solutions that can grow from terabytes to petabytes, and from gigabits/second to hundreds of gigabytes/second throughput.

RAID Inc.’s long and extensive history, industry knowledge and relationships, extends to software defined storage. RAID Inc., has developed custom solutions based on Microsoft Storage Spaces, IBM GPFS, and the Lustre, ZFS, HDFS and GFS2 file systems. In addition, the company has entered into OEM relationships in order to provide best-of-breed low-cost high-performance storage enclosures.

These customized low-cost high-performance storage solutions designed by RAID Inc. have enabled our hosting services partners to store more data at higher speeds and lower cost than using traditional storage systems. Rather than investing in cumbersome traditional storage systems, these hosting services partners have been able to focus on growing their businesses.

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