Oil & Gas Data Storage Solutions

RAID, Inc. Helps Speed Search for New Oil and Gas Reservoirs

RAID Inc., with more than 20 years experience developing customized technical computing infrastructures, is the perfect partner to help build your next-generation technical computing environment, speeding your search for new oil and gas reservoirs. Our team of experts has extensive experience in the industry, building and maintaining customized technical computing solutions designed for upstream oil and gas.

Read a recent case study about a Perseus GPFS software-defined storage solution we developed for a leader in the seismic industry.

Redundant Rugged Data Storage Applications

ARI-100 Series Dense Storage Arrays and ARI-300 Series High Perform Storage Arrays from RAID lnc. are built to support mission-critical applications, providing maximum uptime and complete redundancy to assure decision makers have more information, more of the time.

High Performance Rugged Data Storage Systems

RAID Inc SAN storage systems, featuring NEBS Level 3 and MIL SPEC 810G compliance and certifications to meet the most rugged requirements.

RAID Inc. has partnered with some of the most advanced scientific and engineering teams to deliver custom platforms, designing systems that have scaled to dozens of petabytes of storage and thousands of CPUs. We understand that the search for oil and gas requires not only very dense storage systems, but systems that provide the proper balance between streaming sequential data and rapid random I/O. To reduce overall cycle times requires faster processing systems and networks, thus we always utilize the latest and most powerful servers with the best and most efficient processors and memory.
These vendor-agnostic customized technical computing solutions designed by RAID Inc. have enabled our Oil & Gas partners to store more data, reduce overall cycle times and obtain business critical information with reduced times and reduced costs.

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