CCTV Video Surveillance High Peroformance Data Storage Solutions

CCTV/video surveillance generates huge streams of data for processing, which requires larger and faster file storage systems than have traditionally been used. The industry requires very dense storage systems with exceptional streaming performance to provide real-time value - critical to today's business and security needs.

CCTV Video Surveillance Data Storage Solutions

To support these the data storage needs of CCTV/video surveillance, RAID Inc. has created vendor-agnostic solutions combining the best media storage systems using super-powerful and efficient processors and memory.  These solutions often include the following components (as well as others not mentioned here)::

ARI-100 Dense Storage Arrays

RAID Inc Has Years of Experience in Custom Storage Solutions

RAID Inc., with more than 20 years experience developing customized technical computing solutions, is the perfect partner to help build your next-generation space and satellite imagery infrastructure to gain a competitive edge and quicker time to results.

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