BeeGFS leader taps RAID Inc. as Gold Partner in Parallel Storage — RAID Inc. brings BeeGFS to the high performance and supercomputing market

BeeGFS leader taps RAID Inc. as Gold Partner in Parallel Storage — RAID Inc. brings BeeGFS to the high performance and supercomputing market

ANDOVER, MA, Oct. 27, 2016 — RAID Inc., a custom technical computing solutions company, today announced it was selected as a North American Gold Partner for the high performance parallel file system BeeGFS, by Fraunhofer HPC spin-off ThinkParQ GmbH. The team behind BeeGFS (formerly FhGFS) looks to this strategic partnership as an opportunity for RAID enlighten its portfolio of high performance computing and Big Data infrastructure solutions across diverse markets as Genomics, Drug Discovery, Research, Semiconductors, and Financial Services. RAID Inc. will be exhibiting this parallel cluster file system’s storage performance prowess at Supercomputing Conference (SC16), the HPC community’s flagpole event, in Salt Lake City Nov. 13-18, 2016 at booth 809.

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BeeGFS, available as open source, was designed to address I/O intensive workloads with a focus BeeGFS logoon performance, ease of use, and simplified manageability for high performance computing without presenting a TCO (total cost of ownership) burden. BeeGFS transparently spreads user data across multiple servers; therefore, by increasing the number of servers and disks in the system, IT admins can scale performance and capacity seamlessly from small clusters up to enterprise-class systems with thousands of nodes.

“BeeGFS is a file system dedicated to delivering maximum I/O performance to customers,” said Sven Breuner, CEO of ThinkParQ. “Leveraging their twenty plus years of technical computing experience in solution design, RAID Inc. is positioned to impact the HPC market by deploying all-flash systems with BeeGFS.”

With performance-centric highly available data increasing in demand, a flexible architecture like BeeGFS eliminates data silos and storage complexity with a solution built specifically for multi-tenancy and cloud. BeeGFS is based on a lightweight architecture and can be created on a per job basis with the BeeOND (BeeGFS On Demand) application. This BeeOND feature is designed to provide new instances on the fly across all compute nodes being assigned to a particular job. BeeOND aggregates the performance and capacity of internal SSDs or hard disks in compute nodes for the duration of a compute job to increase performance levels with a very elegant method of burst buffering, which can be highly useful in cloud environments and temporary scratch data scenarios.

“Partnering with ThinkParQ we are able to leverage one of the highest performing file systems for write-dominated workloads,” said Robert Picardi, CEO of RAID Inc. “At RAID Inc. we continue to build on our HPC heritage by introducing all flash technical computing solutions and innovative performance-tuned parallel file systems, BeeGFS allows us to achieve fierce storage performance metrics.”

Incorporating the performance-tuned BeeGFS parallel storage platform into its line of all-flash Fusion servers with dual NVMe drives per node, RAID Inc. can increase performance, IOPS, and data bandwidth efficiency. NVMe flash storage helps to accelerate the included fully scalable metadata architecture and facilitates increased response in environments with a shared single name space for capacity storage. The RAID Inc. Ability EBOD Series creates one of the most cost-effective and storage dense options with 84 drive bays enabling massive capacities up to 840TB per unit–210TB pre rack U height.

RAID Inc. builds upon its HPC legacy with the introduction of the BeeGFS parallel cluster file system platform for distributed applications that need fast access to large amounts of data to achieve industry leading price/IOPS ratios. RAID Inc. HPC and Big Data solutions bring a vendor agnostic approach to disaggregate scale-out platforms and hyperconverged appliances with an architecture that couples compute, networking, and storage designs in an effort to remove data storage and data motion barriers.

Performance-centric entities that seek a holistic approach can leverage a RAID Inc. technical computing solution today, built on the BeeGFS platform empowering data center managers to effortlessly manage a scale-out data center infrastructure. This solution is currently available with engineer-driven guidance and 24×7 concierge support from RAID Inc. for organizations looking to maximize data center efficiency and deliver lower cost TCO in technical computing environments.

About BeeGFS
The BeeGFS parallel file system was developed specifically for performance-critical environments and with a strong focus on easy installation and high flexibility, including converged setups where storage servers are also used for compute jobs. By increasing the number of servers and disks in the system, performance and capacity of the file system can simply be scaled out to the desired level, seamlessly from small clusters up to enterprise-class systems with thousands of nodes. BeeGFS is available free for download from, professional support is available from ThinkParQ.Inc.

About RAID Incorporated
RAID Inc. was founded in 1994 to deliver end-to-end performance-driven technical computing and storage solutions. The company has earned industry praise for providing platform agnostic technical guidance in high performance computing (HPC), big data, cloud and software-defined data centers–in the most efficient, reliable and cost effective manner. The world’s leading research facilities, government, life science, financial, healthcare, energy, and cloud service providers can leverage the RAID Inc. team of engineers’ extensive academic, research lab and commercial expertise that make RAID Inc. a trusted industry leader. More information found at, call +1 (800)330-7335 or comment via @RAIDinc.