Flash Storage Appliances

HPC, Big Data, Cloud and Enterprise Data Center Flash Storage Solutions.

Big data, HPC and supercomputing applications are increasing infrastructure demands and it’s creating a chasm between computational resources and disk-based storage performance. Compute, memory and flash storage appliances have improved performance on track with Moore’s Law. However, relying upon conventional disk and legacy file system technologies to deliver sustainable performance on applications with varying I/O-intensive workloads is costly and impractical.

Flash Storage Appliances
Key Features
    Latest Xeon architecture and flash SSD/NVMe to maximize compute power
  • FLEXIBILITY            
    Capable of caching, tiering, and shared Active & Active hybrid flash workloads
    Scale-to-fit or Scale-out to manage growth capacity at non-disruptive scale
  • RELIABILITY            
    Non-stop resiliency parity and granular file system integrated data protection
  • EFFICIENCY            
    Requires 10-30X less memory by utilizing cost optimized SATA SSDs and NVMe

    •Big Data Analytics
    •Virtualization VSI/VDI
    •SQL/Oracle Database Apps
    •Online Transaction Processing
    •Financial Simulation
    •Private / Hybrid Cloud
    •Oil & Gas Exploration
    •Quantum Chemistry
    •Life Science and Engineering
    •3D and VR Rendering


For 20+ years, RAID Inc. has proven domain expertise in compute, application, HPC and Enterprise systems by solving unique storage challenges and data management requirements.

Data center and technical computing storage infrastructure managers need balanced compute-memory-storage solutions with innovative storage platform designs featuring SSD, NVMe and in-memory flash. RAID Inc. addresses high-bandwidth and low-latency I/O needs by delivering a cohesive concierge solution approach to architecting from compute to storage solutions in order to accommodate “bursty” application I/O patterns—delivering dense capacity and millions of aggregate IOPS to applications.

RAID Inc. offers a comprehensive portfolio of enabling flash storage appliances with leading-edge high-performance file system technologies to accelerate time to success, consolidate space and meet SLAs more affordably.

Ideal Uses

    RAID Inc.’s Ability flash storage platform drives supercharged SSD/NVMe performance engineered to remove the storage bottleneck in High Performance Computing (HPC) and high-end enterprise data centers that require speed and attractive economics for performance- and latency-sensitive application workloads.

    icon_flash_scaleSimplified Storage Ability

    The flash storage Ability platform provides fast and dense scalability in a smaller footprint, driving application performance for the same cost as traditional big box storage. Scale your storage Ability.

    icon_flash_speedSimplified Performance Ability

    Ability platform is tuned to support SSD/NVMe with unprecedented I/O power for HPC and datacenter applications to achieve up to 15M IOPS and sub-ms latency. Improve your performance Ability.

    icon_flash_protectSimplified Resilience Ability

    The RAID Inc. flash storage Ability platform offers built-in hardware and software high availability and failover capabilities to minimize disparate storage and multiple copies. Optimize your resilience Ability.

    icon_flash_businessSimplified Data Center Ability

    Ability flash storage appliance brings efficiencies in CPU and server infrastructures with a flash capacity platform using less space and consuming less power than legacy. Increase your data center Ability.

    icon_flash_reduceSimplified Business Ability

    The RAID Inc. flash storage Ability platform moves critical business data sets at the speed of high-performance flash as business dictates to simplify economics. Achieve your business Ability.