2U 2-Node 60-Bay Ability All-Flash Storage Appliance

Flash Storage Appliances
Key Features
  • Unrivaled Flash Capacity Dual/Single Node Appliance
  • Dual socket E5-2600v4 server with integrated storage architecture
  • Dual Port Access to SSDs
  • Hot Plug Functionality Flash
  • Purpose built compute and storage platforms.
  • Scale to 2PB all-flash array in a full rack cabinet
  • Capable of 49GB/s, Scaling to 1 TB/s in a full rack
  • Drive growth with greater efficiencies in IT operations
  • Cloud economics and agility with on-premises reliability
  • Simplify IT infrastructure by integrating server, storage, and virtualization in a hyperconverged appliance
  • Reduce costs by using only what you need and then easily scale as needed

Ability AFA Appliance:  Consistent all-flash performance

RAID Inc. leads the all-flash array (AFA) market with the introduction of the only cross-platform, file system agnostic, ultra-dense all-flash performance storage capacity single or dual node appliance.

Ability 2U2N60 includes a dense flash capacity design equipped with single or dual compute nodes performance-tuned for distributed and hyperconverged architectures. It creates the flexibility to set up different workloads independently in one 2U shared infrastructure, providing data center performance per dollar and increased
big data flash capacity.

2u-2node-60-bayApplications that benefit most from this flash solution include those where microseconds matter in processing massive amounts of data. These applications include metadata caches for large data centers, as well as prediction models for financial markets, oil and gas, bioinformatics, and weather that are constantly changing and in need of pushing the performance envelope in a constant race against time.

Solution Benefits

As an agnostic all-flash appliance platform, the Ability is easy to deploy and can boost performance in multiple environments for fast business insights and services, such as virtual desktop, virtual server real-time analytics and database environments. The Ability 2U2N60 comes with industry-leading total cost of ownership (TCO) for an AFA appliance and unsurpassed density. A completely populated highest capacity model has up to 60 SSDs in a 2U form factor with the feasibility to millions of IOPS with sub-millisecond response. Through QoS software multiple applications can share system performance as well as setting up maximum IOPS and bandwidth consumption per logical volume to enable consistent application performance.

Unparalleled Performance

The RAID Inc. Ability 2U2N60 appliance supports sixty (60) 2.5” flash SAS drives coupled with two server node modules. Each Ability server module is a high-performance enterprise class server with dual socket processors supporting Intel Xeon E5-2600 v4 CPUs and support for up to 1TB aggregate memory while enabling thirty-two 12Gb/s SAS lanes each. The enclosure supports the 12Gb/s data path end-to-end completely through to the low latency SSD flash storage devices.

Leading Design

The Ability 2U2N60 is designed with a software-defined ready approach to infrastructure that is accelerated by flash technology. The 2U2N60 will help customers tackle the emerging wave of next generation applications that demand technical computing and data centers to be incredibly responsive, agile, accessible and automated.

Robust Enterprise-Grade Functionality

The RAID Inc 2U2N60 flash appliance offers enterprise-grade availability, reliability and serviceability. For easy swap-out, all active components are contained within field-replaceable units (FRUs), including fans, SSD drives, interposers, power supply units (PSUs), energy storage modules (ESMs) and server modules.