Hybrid Flash Storage Arrays

HPC, Big Data, Cloud and Enterprise Data Center Flash Storage Solutions.

Any industry expert will agree that adding flash storage of roughly 5-10% of your total storage capacity will increase overall performance, however it is essential to match the type of flash to the application. Hybrid-flash arrays combine the performance of SSDs and/or NVMe with the economies of storage at scale from hard drives to provide the best of breed approach for increasing efficiency and capacity while lowering the total cost of ownership.

Flash Storage Appliances
Key Features
    Latest Xeon architecture and flash SSD/NVMe to maximize compute power
  • FLEXIBILITY            
    Capable of caching, tiering, and shared Active & Active hybrid flash workloads
    Scale-to-fit or Scale-out to manage growth capacity at non-disruptive scale
  • RELIABILITY            
    Non-stop resiliency parity and granular file system integrated data protection
  • EFFICIENCY            
    Requires 10-30X less memory by utilizing cost optimized SATA SSDs and NVMe

    •Big Data Analytics
    •Virtualization VSI/VDI
    •SQL/Oracle Database Apps
    •Online Transaction Processing
    •Financial Simulation
    •Private / Hybrid Cloud
    •Oil & Gas Exploration
    •Quantum Chemistry
    •Life Science and Engineering
    •3D and VR Rendering

Rightsizing Flash Storage Ability

Ability SSD / NVMe hybrid flash storage arrays are designed with best capacity and IOPS per $ for flash storage appliances in HPC, Big Data, Cloud & High-End Enterprise Datacenters (SDDC).

RAID Inc. provides a holistic approach to analyze read/write optimized flash and recommend application and platform specific solutions. The intelligent use of flash, coupled with linear scalability, allows entities to predictably rightsize infrastructures by utilizing a hybrid-flash storage array solutions.

This hybrid-flash model will reduce both acquisition costs and ongoing opex costs. RAID Inc.’s hybrid-flash appliance offers high scalability, agility, and efficiency capabilities for businesses seeking to consolidate their IT infrastructure.

Flexible Flash Storage Appliances

RAID Inc. hybrid-flash storage solutions can transform from midrange to enterprise-class deployments, with capacities from a few TBs to multiple petabytes of storage at scale for enterprises and cloud service providers seeking instant application provisioning with a white-glove concierge service approach.

A hybrid-flash storage appliance, purpose-built for Big Data requirements will enable organizations to resolve today’s key storage challenges of just-in-time storage acquisition to extract maximum investment value and the freedom to scale at Big Data requirements fluctuate.

At the core, RAID Inc. will tailor a solution designed to integrate application-centric intelligence with the performance of flash storage married to the economy of hard disk drives. This flash storage flexibility drastically lowers the TCO for organizations deploying a mix of SSD/NVMe and HDD media while simultaneously accelerating application performance, when coupled to the appropriate file system.

Ideal Uses

    RAID Inc.’s Ability hybrid flash storage platform drives supercharged SSD/NVMe performance engineered to remove the storage bottleneck in High Performance Computing (HPC) and high-end enterprise datacenters that require speed and attractive economics for performance- and latency-sensitive application workloads.

    icon_flash_scaleSimplified Storage Ability

    The flash storage Ability platform provides fast and dense scalability in a smaller footprint, driving application performance for the same cost as traditional big box storage. Scale your storage Ability.

    icon_flash_speedSimplified Performance Ability

    Ability platform is tuned to support SSD/NVMe with unprecedented I/O power for HPC and datacenter applications to achieve up to 15M IOPS and sub-ms latency. Improve your performance Ability.

    icon_flash_protectSimplified Resilience Ability

    The RAID Inc. flash storage Ability platform offers built-in hardware and software high availability and failover capabilities to minimize disparate storage and multiple copies. Optimize your resilience Ability.

    icon_flash_businessSimplified Data Center Ability

    Ability flash storage appliance brings efficiencies in CPU and server infrastructures with a flash capacity platform using less space and consuming less power than legacy. Increase your data center Ability.

    icon_flash_reduceSimplified Business Ability

    The RAID Inc. flash storage Ability platform moves critical business data sets at the speed of high-performance flash as business dictates to simplify economics. Achieve your business Ability.