4U 90-Bay Ability® EBOD

Key Features
  • Enclosure Form Factor: 4U, Conforms to EIA-310-D Specifications
  • Drive Support: 12Gb/s SAS Rotational and SSD, Intermix Drive Types and Capacities
  • Maximum Number of Drives: 90
  • Number of SAS I/O Modules: 2
  • Number of SAS Ports per Module: 4

RAID Inc. continues to push the density envelope with the next generation Ability drive enclosure, which can handle up to 90 SAS HDDs or SSDs in just 4U rack space. This gives customers the ability to store over 10PB in a single datacenter rack. Data intensive workflows require the ultimate in density to handle the sheer capacity required, and need to do so in an efficient package. The Ability 4U 90-Bay EBOD is a high-density disk drive enclosure, that when used with supported storage platforms, dramatically reduces the total cost of ownership for organizations facing these requirements and delivers unprecedented levels of performance and scalability.

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The Ability 4U 90-Bay EBOD provides multiple, redundant 12Gb/s SAS data paths from host interfaces to drives, eliminating single points of failure and ensuring the highest levels of business continuity. It provides the ability to freely intermix and build tiers of SAS and SSD drives, allowing administrators to optimize their storage requirements between high performance flash and bulk data storage. This translates into a no compromise, flexible, tiered storage solution optimized for both application performance and data availability.