Ability® 5U84S

Key Features
  • 5U rack-mount enclosure stores up to 5 petabytes of data per rack, saving space in the data center
  • Certified 80 PLUS Platinum efficient power conversion and adaptive cooling technology reduces power and cooling costs
  • Data center space savings + power and cooling cost savings = exceptionally low total cost of ownership
  • Ultra-dense, with up to 84 3.5” SAS hard disk drives or solid state
  • Unique drawer design provides extremely high density per rack unit, and provides easy access to hot swap drives
  • Capacity of 840Tb in 5U using 12TB enterprise HDDs
  • Expansion capability up to 336 drives Dual 12Gb SAS I/O modules with integral data path redundancy
  • Maximum of 28.8 Gb/s in a dual controller configuration

The growth of digital content in the enterprise has resulted in progressively complex and expensive storage systems. These systems require large amounts of energy and preclude enterprises  from simply adapting their infrastructure as needs change. As the pace of change continues to  speed up, the evolution of storage technologies has become extremely important. OEMs and solution integrators need an extensible storage infrastructure that provides flexibility, reliability and energy efficiency to meet diverse application requirements. These include applications in digital media, in compliance retention and in data archival.

The Ability 5U84S evolves its platform to 12G SAS while maintaining the prior architecture utilizing significant hardware reuse, a common management API and SBB 2.0 compatibility.

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RAID Inc. Advancing 12Gb/s SAS

The RAID Inc. implementation of 12Gb/s SAS offers a number of significant improvements to 6Gb/s SAS over and above the doubling of the data transfer rate from 6 Gb/s to 12 Gb/s. These include support and capabilities for managed cables, active and optical cables, universal ports, self configuration, and standardized zoning. RAID Inc. supports 12Gb/s SAS in end-to-end configurations providing an effective maximum throughput of 14.4 GB/s per I/O module or 28.8 GB/s in a dual controller configuration, enough to support the highest performing solid state storage devices..

Delivering a Versatile & Scalable Architecture

The Ability 5U84S leverages the reuse of interchangeable I/O modules, a common enclosure management and SBB 2.0 compatibility. This enables OEMs to accelerate market introduction of new technologies and also significantly simplifies development and testing of storage implementations while reducing overhead.

Assuring Robust Data Availability

Through its intelligent Unified System Management (USM), Ability 5U84S safeguards data and ensures maximum availability. Users are able to leverage fault diagnosis and resolution capabilities, persistent error logging and monitoring. In addition, Ability 5U84S provides high availability features such as dual redundant PSUs, N+1 cooling modules, dual I/O modules and dual data paths to all drives.