ARI-500: High Performance Flash Storage Arrays

ARI 500 Flash Storage Array
Key Features
  • Advanced Virtualization Hybrid Features of the ARI Series
  • Sustain performance of 6GB/s Writes, 7GB/s Reads and is ideal for any high performance computing, big data or cloud application
  • Proven 99.999% uptime
  • Automatic Drive Tiering (optional)
  • Rapid Drive Rebuilds
  • Drive Spin-Down
  • Virtual Disk Pools = faster performance
  • SSD Flash Cache
  • VolumeCopy, Snapshot & Remote Replication (optional)
  • Thin Provisioning
  • SED support
  • Rugged chassis:
    NEBS Level 3 Compliant
    MIL STD 810 Compliant
  • Centralized Management Interface
  • Degraded Disk Detection
  • Disk Background Scrub
  • Automated Provisioning Tool
  • Battery free cache backup

High Performance Flash Hybrid Storage Array

Available January 2017. The ARI-500 storage array series is designed for use in all types of parallel file systems where the performance of multiple high density arrays can be parallelized to meet the most demanding performance requirements of any application.

The solution can sustain performance of 7GB/s reads and 6Gb/s on writes and is ideal for any high performance computing, big data or cloud application.


400,000 IOPs random), 7GB/s R, 6GB/s W

Controller Details

  • Dual Controllers
    SAS3: 12Gb Connector / 12Gb SAS Expanders CPU: Intel Broadwell CPU 2.5GHz – quad-core
    (multiple-cores for datapath)
    Memory: Total Controller memory = 16GB
  • 8 GB CPU Memory
  • 8 GBI/O Cache
  • 128MB MC Non-volatile storage

Device Support

  • 2U24 AFA with SAS SSDs
  • 2U24 AFA with SATA SSDs
  • Hybrid: LFF (7.2K) / SFF (10K) HDDs / SAS SSDs / SATA SSDs


HFA: OSS 12Gb 2U12 (LFF): 1 RBOD + 9 EBODs
HFA: OSS 12Gb 5U84 (LFF): 1 RBOD + 1 EBOD or 2 EBODs (G-260 FW) HFA: OSS 12Gb 2U24 (SFF): 1RBOD + 9 EBODs
AFA: OSS 12Gb 2U24 (SFF): 1RBOD + 3 EBODs


  • 4-port SAS (12Gb) per controller
  • 4-port CNC (16Gb FC / 10Gb iSCSI) per controller)