Hybrid Flash Storage Appliance

Key Features
  • Modular platform allows organizations to scale as needed
  • Combines the performance of flash with the economy of HDDs for lower TCO
  • Data composition is analyzed in real time, providing peak performance for Big Data workloads
  • File system hooks seamlessly migrate data to the cloud
  • Single intuitive pane of glass to monitor and manage 10s to 100s of systems
  • Our massively scalable parallel file system appliances, Xanadu 500 G and Xanadu 500 L, allow for lower entry points, rapid deployment and lower TCO
  • Potential exposure of sensitive data is eliminated with data-at-rest encryption

Maximize the Value of Big Data

The benefits of the Xanadu 500 Series are extensive. Because of its proficiency, it drastically reduces the time spent on a task, therefore reducing costs. The Xanadu 500 Series will allow your business to get more done in a workday than ever before, allowing you to maximize your company’s potential. With scalability, organizations have the luxury to start small with a pay-as-you-grow system. Additionally, the new series enables data to be archived in the cloud to save and distribute globally, as well as keep safe during disaster recovery.

The Xanadu 500 series will consist of 3 base products: Xanadu 500 B: for block level storage; Xanadu 500 G: a full featured Spectrum Scale/GPFS appliance; Xanadu 500 L: a full featured Lustre appliance.

Modular Configurations

The Xanadu 500 B is a 4U modular hybrid Big Data appliance that delivers 15 GB/s of raw bandwidth. Redundancy to applications and data is achieved through high performance dual controllers. At entry level,  you have the ability to add 60 drives in the modular base enclosure. Fully configured, you can add up to four additional enclosures. This pay-as-you-grow system of scalability allows you to start small and scale as your requirements grow.

Cloud Enable Your Storage

For global collaboration and cost-effective archive.

  • Cloud. File system hooks to tier data to a public or private object cloud to share and disseminate information globally.
  • Collaboration. Eliminate organizational storage silos while optimizing collaboration.
  • Archive. Back up files safely to a public or private object cloud for disaster recovery.

Parallel File System Appliances

The Xanadu 500 G and Xanadu 500 L appliances provide a modular foundation where you can start small and scale massively, as your performance and capacity requirements grow. Each appliance is integrated with either IBM Spectrum Scale or Lustre, has performance tuned and optimized storage and networking, and is cloud ready.

Xanadu 500 G

Xanadu 500 G  is an extremely versatile solution that can be configured as a parallel file system or as a NAS solution. This platform eliminates bottlenecks to achieve true parallelism and maximum application performance and creates a cost efficient pool of storage that scales to petabytes, simply and cost-effectively.

Xanadu 500 L

Xanadu 500 L is a parallel file storage system appliance that combines next generation storage technology with the open-source Lustre file system. This product combines best-of-breed storage technologies with an easy to use appliance that delivers scalable, clustered storage performance.