1U 12-Bay Ability Storage Server Solutions

Key Features
  • Single/Dual Servers. Two dual socket servers provide extreme compute power with ample back to back I/O connectivity. The single server configuration offers low power operation with high drive count.
  • Low Cost SATA Drives. Optimized tool less drive pods designed for RV suppression allowing use of client 3.5” SATA drives.
  • High Capacity 12G SAS SSD. Inserts in to the LFF drive pods accepts four 2.5” 12G SAS SSDs. Can be combined with 3.5” HDD or used as standalone flash array.
  • Performance 12G SAS SSD. Inserts in to the LFF drive pods accept two 2.5” U2 PCIe NVMe SSD* for up to eight NVMe SSDs per server board in direct attached mode for highest performance

Ability Storage Server Flex Platform

The Overview

Deploying RAID Inc. Ability Storage Server solutions with NVMe, customers can benefit from reduced latency, increased Input/Output operations per second (IOPS), and lower power consumption. This means storage server solutions can perform more work in less time, translating into lower costs and increased revenues. Thus your ROI benefits from NVMe enabled servers immediately.

Developed as ultra high performance server with extreme configurability on demand for tier one HPC and caching applications requiring high I/O, high bandwidth and/or sub millisecond access latency in a small form factor.

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RAID Inc. designed a highly flexible platform supporting single or dual servers with most industry standard storage devices ranging from 3.5” hard disk drives to 2.5” SATA/SAS solid state drives and U2 2.5” PCIe NVMe drives or any combination thereof. The Ability Flex Platform 1U 12-Bay fully leverages the options of using SATA, SAS and NVMe drives in the same 1U chassis to allow for unlimited customization of the system configuration through mixing different drive types for best cost/performance ratio. Provides up to 400Gb/s Ethernet connectivity.

Use Cases

The Ability Flex Platform storage solution is targeted at technical computing, Oil and Gas, 3D modeling and Graphical design workstation, HFT, SQL Database, Search Engine, High Security Encryption datacenter, VDI, Aerospace and Automobile design center, Cluster and Supercomputer applications; in Cloud, Virtualization, and Enterprise environments.

Solution Details

The RAID Inc. 1U 12-Bay Ability Flex Platform server boards are the latest dual socket Intel® Xeon™ class (Broadwell) E5-2600 v4 product family using 2DPC memory configuration. The drive interface is defined by the specific personality cards or add-on standard host bus adapters featuring either SAS IO controllers or PCIe retimers. Supporting up to four 145W TDP CPUs and 2TB of system memory*, the Ability Flex Platform is optimally suited for rack-level caching applications, metadata caches or tiered storage. Two PCIe x16 interfaces at the front end in standard PCIe and OCP format support two 100GbE network cards per motherboard for a total of 400GbE network connectivity in the dual server configuration.

Robust Enterprise-Grade Functionality

The Ability Flex Platform offers robust enterprise-grade availability, reliability and serviceability. For easy swap-out, all active data path components are contained within field-replaceable units (FRUs), including fans, SSD drives, interposers, power supply units (PSUs) and server modules.