4U 100-Bay Ability Storage Server Solutions

4U 24-Bay Ability EBOD-Hybrid Storage Array
Key Features
  • Full-featured robust SATA 3.0 storage enclosure
  • Dual socket E5-2600v4 server with integrated storage architecture
  • Multiple Drive partitioning / split-bus zoning modes
  • Dual redundant high efficiency advanced power supplies and cooling modules
  • IPMI 2.0 and SES 3.0 protocol compliant
  • Standard chassis customization and branding available

Ability Petabyte Storage Server

The Overview

As Data storage capacity continues to expand at break-neck speed, increasingly customers are looking for a storage solution to meet cost competitive scale-out solutions. Ability Storage Servers provide versatility and scalability with the flexibility of project-tailored platforms for software-defined storage like object storage, Hadoop, etc. Tailored to withstand storage capacity demand in hyper-scale data center, the Ability platform provides industry leading high storage density and power efficiencies to reduce TCO.

The Ability Storage Server Series solutions enable massive data capacity applications, at a price/performance point per Gigabyte (GB) that meets your fast-moving business requirements. Built for mega hyper-scale data centers and backup storage servers with streaming file, massive object or block-level data stores, the Ability 100-Bay achieves local petabyte scalable backup storage. The Ability platform brings storage server capacity for an ever-increasing volume of data and retain data storage for longer periods of time for cloud environments, archive and data analytics. With higher density installs and large quantity of SAS/SATA hard drives into one system, reliability and quality of design becomes valuable factors at par with cost efficiency.

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Solution Details

The 4U Ability 100-bay can be deployed with the industry’s best density for 3.5” (LFF) for
12Gb/s SSD and HDD in a private or public cloud and can be implemented with Erasure coding technologies or in a RAIDed environment with a tool-less design for FRUs (field replaceable units).

The Ability OS-agnostic storage 100-bay platform brings petabyte storage density with an outstanding low dollar-per-GB costs for cold, warm and even hot storage workloads. This sophisticated performance solution utilizes dual Intel® Xeon® E5-2600v4 processors with up to 512GB of memory—capable of delivering a complete petabyte (1000TB) of storage in single 4U system. The system offers remote management capabilities via an IPMI2.0 compliant interface with standard SES services. Additional EBODs can be added to support deeper storage pools.