To deliver our tailored HPC solutions, RAID Inc.'s consultative sales and system design process is customized every step of the way. From the initial sales call to installation day, RAID Inc. works closely with clients to assess their unique computing and storage requirements by examining every facet of their computing needs. Here are some of the services we offer.
CONSULTING | Big data, cloud storage + HPC consulting

Big data offers the promise of better business opportunities with higher ROI on valuable enterprise data sets while being able to tackle entirely new business problems that were previously impossible to solve with existing techniques. RAID, Inc. enables you to leverage big data and have a safer HPC "cloud" with larger distributed or parallel file systems and scale out architectures. We are here to help come up with ways to store, manage, and secure your data.

GPFS CONSULTING SERVICES | Acheive Best Practices for GPFS

RAID Inc has a long history of designing and building GPFS clusters to customer specifications and performance requirements. Whether you have an existing system that you feel is underperforming or are trying to plan something new, we can help you identify best practices, achieve optimal performance results, or design a system that will accomplish everything an appliance might (except the cost).

ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN | Comprehensive architectural design for any technical computing environments.

We have over 20-years of designing custom technical computing solutions for academic, commercial, industrial, and government clients. With a wide range of best-of-breed hardware and software products in our arsenal, RAID Inc. will examine a customer’s technical computing needs and develop a solution integrating every layer from core hardware to application software that addresses the customer’s unique environment. The customer is involved in every step of this process, whether they are looking for a full turnkey solution or just a single product to solve a specific need.

DESIGN & IMPLEMENTATION | Cluster solution design & implementation using open source or packaged software.

RAID Inc.’ engineers have designed and built technical computing systems for an incredible roster of clients using our expertise in operating systems, parallel filesystems, high performance fabrics, cluster batch managers, provisioning systems and configuration managers. We know many of the commercial solutions as well as most open source packages for cluster computing and big data storage.

CLUSTER MANAGEMENT SERVICES | Systems administration, monitoring tools and open source software.

Whether you are familiar with ganglia, nagios, puppet, cobbler, xcat, and rocks or not, we know them all. If you prefer a proprietary or commercial cluster ecosystem, we work with all of the leading products on the market. Whatever solution you need, we can build it and offer any level of training to ensure that you are comfortable with the result.

COMPUTING HELP DESK| Tier one and two 24/7/365 Engineering help desk.

Every solution we build is fully tested and documented so that our staffs of support engineers have access to all of the information they need to understand any problems you may encounter quickly and find effective solutions for you. We take full ownership of support requests and if necessary, escalate them to our vendor partners as your advocate making sure that you get the response you expect and the results you need.

TECHNICAL SUPPORT | Implementation and support for a host of Parallel file systems.

» Lustre
» Stornext

NETWORKING | High speed Network and interconnect technology.

Fabrics are the circulatory system of any technical computing solution and often represent the rate limiting element to performance. RAID Inc. has long worked with companies who produce high speed switches and host controllers utilizing Infiniband, ethernet, PCIe, SAS, fibre channel, and other communications technologies, matching the cost and performance requirements to the needs of customers in every solution we design and build.

REMOTE MONITORING | Remote monitoring capabilities

» ClusterWatch
» StorageWatch®

RAID Inc. will take automated alerting to the next level, supporting any “call home” infrastructure to offer real-time support and proactive maintenance. Solutions we build and support will give you years of trouble free service and with these options in place, any problems that you encounter will be addressed by us as quickly as the internet will allow.