GPFS/Spectrum Scale

Explosions of data, transactions, and digitally-aware devices are straining IT infrastructure and operations, while storage costs and user expectations are increasing. The IBM General Parallel File System (GPFS™), high-performance enterprise file management, can help you move beyond simply adding storage to optimizing data management.

The GPFS now known as IBM Spectrum Scale is a high-performance clustered file system developed as a software defined storage for big data and analytics, and available for cloud and NAS solutions. It can be deployed in shared-disk or shared-nothing distributed parallel modes.RAID Inc. assisted GPFS solutions are used by many of the world’s largest commercial companies and supercomputers.

IBM Spectrum Scale (formerly GPFS) is a highly scalable HSM platform. GPFS architectures is designed to scale performance for extreme throughput and low-latency access there by mitigating traditional NAS bottlenecks.

Seamless capacity and performance scaling

Central management with enhanced Usability, Reliability, availability, and serviceability

Solid-state drive (SSD) read-only cache

High performance metadata processing

Create and define three types of storage pools, manage rules and policies

Data movement to and from tape is managed automatically on demand. The application still has access to the entire namespace

Spectrum Scale Solutions /GPFS features a highly available cluster architecture with concurrent shared disk access to a global namespace in either block level or file level and capabilities for high performance parallel workloads.


Concurrent file access and block-level locking

Active File Management (AFM) parallel read, write

Clustered data access

Data replication


Policy-driven automation//tearing

Backups and HSM operations integrated with TSM and HPSS

All software features such as snapshots, replication and multi-site connectivity are included in the IBM Spectrum Scale/GPFS license. With no license keys except for client and server to add on, you get all of the features up front, including:


ILM provides optimized long term archiving for storing very large amounts of astronomical data

ILM keeps overall cost and complexity down by providing tiered storage architecture, supporting data in all lifecycles

An effective ILM strategy enables 80-90% of the archive to be in tape

Native encryption, designed for both secure storage and secure deletion of data

Global namespace is implemented in IBM Spectrum Scale™ using Active File Management (AFM). Home and cache entities can be combined to create a global namespace. Any client node in the world can use the same path to connect to the data within any of the GPFS™ clusters that are part of the namespace. In such a global namespace, the following AFM features can improve application performance at a remote site

Concurrent shared disk access to a global namespace in either block level or file level

Multiple cache filesets share single file system

When a file is being read into cache, the data can be read as soon as it begins to arrive in the cache

Data can be transferred between sites in parallel

Ideal for enterprise cloud storage

Network performance monitoring


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High Performance

Enterprises are focused on addressing challenges with data that is expanding at a faster rate like never before. It has become a challenge for industries to perform data utilization at speeds that help faster innovation. Those that can deliver insights faster while managing rapid infrastructure growth are the leaders in their industry. An organization’s underlying storage must support both new-era big data and traditional applications with security, reliability and high-performance. IBM Spectrum Scale™ meets these challenges as a high-performance solution for managing data at scale with the distinctive ability to perform archive and analytics in place.

RAID Inc. Storage Systems with Spectrum Scale /GPFS

High Density, Hybrid Storage Made Easy with Centralized Management Interface: ARI virtualization hybrid storage arrays are easy to configure and manage with our intuitive web based interface to provide storage setup and monitoring without the need for host-based software. Our GUI saves time with configuration and installation wizards, and schedulers.

Spectrum Scale FS runs on all block storage systems
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