RAID Inc. StorNext FS

StorNext File System (SNFS), colloquially referred to as "StorNext" is a shared disk file system developed by Quantum corporation. StorNext enables multiple Windows, Linux and Apple workstations to access shared block storage over a fibre channel network. Raid Inc. partners with Quantum to serve several industries such as media and entertainment to deploy StorNext file-system for their streaming media applications. 

StorNext has both software and hardware elements. On the front end, the file-system is managed by usually two Metadata controllers, a primary and a fail over or a metadata appliance. These MDC's act as the traffic director for the block-level file-system with no data-overhead typically associated with NAS configured network shares. Fibre Channel storage is the other key element of most StorNext file-system implementations. This is often referred to as "Production SAN" or "Production Storage Workspace."

High speed data sharing

Cost-effective tiered storage

Up to 95% line rates

Configurable for nearly environment

    Consolidating Resources

    Single file system solution

    Load Balancing

    Open infrastructure

    Gain performance with StorNext FS and RAID Inc. storage.
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    High Performance

    Enterprises are focused on addressing challenges with data that is expanding at a faster rate like never before. It has become a challenge for industries to perform data utilization at speeds that help faster innovation. Those that can deliver insights faster while managing rapid infrastructure growth are the leaders in their industry. An organization’s underlying storage must support both new-era big data and traditional applications with security, reliability and high-performance. RAID Inc storage systems optimized for Quantum StorNext will meet your specific HPC needs and challenges. Our high-performance File-system solutions help you manage your data at scale with the distinctive ability to perform IO with faster speeds while being reliable along with options like archiving and analytics in place.

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    Our Approach

    To deliver our tailored HPC solutions, RAID Inc.'s consultative sales and system design process is customized every step of the way. From the initial sales call to installation day, RAID Inc. works closely with clients to assess their unique computing and storage requirements by examining every facet of their computing needs. To learn more about our
    6-Step Holistic Approach, 
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    RAID Inc. performs rigorous requirements engineering strategies to develop solutions based on the actual need. It incorporates strategic approaches to find and understand your IO performance requirements when deploying systems and storage while keeping your costs low.


    RAID Inc. analyzes the best systems and storage solutions based on the requirements elicitation performed. With a wide range of compute and networking products available in the market, we deploy the right servers and networking products along with our storage to meet you actual needs.


    RAID Inc. solves your HPC problems in no time. Being an industry leader, we served 1000s of customers in solving their HPC problems. The areas we covered include but not limited to genomic research, space explorations, weather forecasting, gas and oil explorations, governments, educational institutions, defense, life sciences and many others.