Xanadu® 510ES Massively Scalable Parallel File System

Ultimate Performance and Scale

 RAID’s Xanadu 510ES Parallel File system solution is designed to handle the diverse and dynamic demands of organizations looking to solve their Big Data challenges. The flexibility of the Xanadu 510ES allows organizations to build a solution to fit their budget without getting forced into a rigid configuration.

The Xanadu 510ES provides flexible choices for enterprise-grade data protection, availability features, and the performance of a parallel file system coupled with RAID Inc.'s deep expertise and history of supporting highly efficient, large-scale deployments.


Hybrid Architecture Improves Total Cost of Ownership

Start with a small system and grow performance and/or capacity for a data storage infrastructure that has fewer systems to manage, lower power, heating and cooling requirements and much a smaller data center footprint.

Grow with all-SSD, SSD-accelerated or all HDD options. Mix and match the right storage media for your workloads and independently scale out or up to create the right sized building blocks for your environment with complete cost control.

Key Features and Highlights

Embedded / Converged: Lower TCO with converged storage and network and improve latency with converged file system.

Installation / Configuration Tools: Simplify the move to Lustre with data migration, installation, and configuration tools.

Enterprise Features: High availability, security, strong authentication, multi-tenancy, quotas

Directory Level Quotas: Flexibility in project level quotas

Single Name Space: Single application and end user view of data regardless of whether it resides on flash, or HDD – in file or object storage, local or remote

Supports GPFS, Lustre and all Filesystems, Gain high performance
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Our Approach

To deliver our tailored HPC solutions, RAID Inc.'s consultative sales and system design process is customized every step of the way. From the initial sales call to installation day, RAID Inc. works closely with clients to assess their unique computing and storage requirements by examining every facet of their computing needs. To learn more about our
6-Step Holistic Approach, 
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RAID Inc. performs rigorous requirements engineering strategies to develop solutions based on the actual need. It incorporates strategic approaches to find and understand your IO performance requirements when deploying systems and storage while keeping your costs low.


RAID Inc. analyzes the best systems and storage solutions based on the requirements elicitation performed. With a wide range of compute and networking products available in the market, we deploy the right servers and networking products along with our storage to meet you actual needs.


RAID Inc. solves your HPC problems in no time. Being an industry leader, we served 1000s of customers in solving their HPC problems. The areas we covered include but not limited to genomic research, space explorations, weather forecasting, gas and oil explorations, governments, educational institutions, defense, life sciences and many others.