Xanadu X-AI Storage Platform

Storage performance and flexibility for Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning

RAID Inc.’s X-AI Accelerated, Any–Scale (AI) solutions break new ground for Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Deep Learning (DL), providing unmatched flexibility for your organization’s AI needs. Engineered from the ground-up for the AI-enabled data center, X-AI solutions are optimized for ingest, training, data transformations, replication, metadata and small data transfers. RAID Inc. offers flexibility in platform choice with the all-flash NVMe X2-AI/X4-AI or the X500-AI, a hybrid flash and hard drive storage platform which leverages parallel access to flash and deeply expandable HDD storage. The X-AI storage platform supports a scale-out model with solutions starting at a few TBs yet scalable to 10s of PBs.

Fully Integrated, GPU-Optimized Data Platforms

Easy to deploy, RAID’s X-AI solutions are turn-key, pre-configured, and provide the most capable scale-out platform for capacity and performance.

Full GPU Saturation

Fully optimized for all types of I/O patterns and data layouts, the RAID Inc. X-AI storage solutions deliver data to applications, ensuring full GPU resource utilization even with distributed applications running on multiple computing servers. Performance testing on the RAID X-AI architecture has been conducted with all widely-used DL frameworks (TensorFlow, Horovod, Torch, PyTorch, NVIDIA® TensorRT™, Caffe, Caffe2, CNTK, MXNET and Theano). Using the X-AI intelligent client, containerized applications can engage the full capabilities of the data infrastructure, achieves full GPU saturation consistently for DL workloads.

Unified Namespace

RAID’s X-AI solutions allow for consolidation of hot training data and warm expanding data libraries into a single platform, providing easy data access from a unified interface.


Capacity-Efficient AI Storage

RAID’s X-AI storage solutions provide flexible capacity expansion options, with up to 360TB of scale-out NVM I400 appliances, or 5.4PB of hybrid storage in the X500-AI.

Highest Resiliency, Reliability, and Security at Scale

Engineered to provide the highest data availability and maximum system uptime, all X-AI hardware components are integrated as a fully redundant system.

Multi-Tenancy and Quota Support

RAID’s X-AI solutions can be secured on a per-tenant basis that ensure users and applications can only access the data that they’re entitled to. Advanced quota controls provide easy management of file system consumption at the user, group, and project level.

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The Convergence of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data

More and more organizations are leveraging machine learning to analyze data and acquire actionable intelligence. Artificial Intelligence (AI) nearly always involves large and/or complex data sets and enterprise organizations are looking to expand their use of HPC power to increase the speed of research and accelerate time to results.

With technology and vendor-agnostic consulting, support, and maintenance services, RAID Inc. provides the formula for success. High-powered computing, HPC storage systems and the file-system expertise you need to make machine learning work for you.

RAID Inc. has 25 years of data-science expertise, as well as real-world experience with handling implementation, including how to overcome the inevitable barriers and challenges that come with identifying the benefits of AI and HPC and overall operational efficiency.

Supports GPFS, Lustre and all File-systems, Gain high performance
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Our Approach

To deliver our tailored HPC solutions, RAID Inc.'s consultative sales and system design process is customized every step of the way. From the initial sales call to installation day, RAID Inc. works closely with clients to assess their unique computing and storage requirements by examining every facet of their computing needs. To learn more about our
6-Step Holistic Approach, 
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RAID Inc. performs rigorous requirements engineering strategies to develop solutions based on the actual need. It incorporates strategic approaches to find and understand your IO performance requirements when deploying systems and storage while keeping your costs low.


RAID Inc. analyzes the best systems and storage solutions based on the requirements elicitation performed. With a wide range of compute and networking products available in the market, we deploy the right servers and networking products along with our storage to meet you actual needs.


RAID Inc. solves your HPC problems in no time. Being an industry leader, we served 1000s of customers in solving their HPC problems. The areas we covered include but not limited to genomic research, space explorations, weather forecasting, gas and oil explorations, governments, educational institutions, defense, life sciences and many others.