GPFS/Spectrum Scale Solutions

GPFS - Spectrum Scale Solutions for High Density Block and File Storage

Explosions of data, transactions, and digitally-aware devices are straining IT infrastructure and operations, while storage costs and user expectations are increasing. The IBM General Parallel File System (GPFS™), high-performance enterprise file management, can help you move beyond simply adding storage to optimizing data management.

Key Features
  • A highly available cluster architecture
  • Concurrent shared disk access to a global namespace in either block level or file level
  • Capabilities for high performance parallel workloads
  • Massive namespace support
  • Centrally deployed, managed, backed up and grown
  • Seamless capacity and performance scaling
  • Ideal for enterprise cloud storage

arrow  Whether you have an existing IBM Spectrum Scale system (formerly GPFS) that you feel is under-performing or are trying to plan something new, RAID, Inc. can help. See our Spectrum Scale/GPFS consulting services here.

Spectrum Scale Solutions /GPFS features a highly available cluster architecture with concurrent shared disk access to a global namespace in either block level or file level and capabilities for high performance parallel workloads. All software features such as snapshots, replication and multi-site connectivity are included in the IBM Spectrum Scale/GPFS license. With no license keys except for client and server to add on, you get all of the features up front, including:

Enhanced data availability
  • Concurrent file access and block-level locking
  • Clustered data access
  • Data replication
Improved automation
  • Policy-driven automation//tearing
  • Storage pools
  • Extensible management and monitoring infrastructure
Information lifecycle management
  • Disk storage pools
  • External storage pool
  • High performance metadata processing
Policy-based storage management
  • Placement
  • Management
  • Backups and HSM operations integrated with TSM and HPSS
  • Reporting
IBM SPectrum Scale (formerly GPFS) is a highly scalable HSM platform
  • ILM provides an optimized long term archiving solution for storing very large amounts of astronomical data
  • Due to information having different value to the business at different times, ILM keeps overall cost and complexity down by providing a tiered storage system, that supports data in all lifecycles
  • An effective ILM strategy enables 80-90% of the archive to be in tape.
  • Data movement to and from tape is managed automatically on demand. The application still has access to the entire namespace.