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Technical computing requires an intricate multi-vendor heterogeneous environment. The ideal IT infrastructure requires the ability to rapidly store and access ever larger databases and data sets. More processing power and higher throughput networks must be used to support more complex models, simulations and analytics.

RAID Inc. knows that optimized performance is achieved with the proper combination of components suitable to your specific tasks. Whether you need high bandwidth networking and the ability to stream large volumes of data to and from storage or massive clusters of processors, RAID Inc. can develop a solution customized just for you.

Since its founding in 1994 as technical computing specialists, RAID Inc. has developed extensive industry knowledge and relationships. Partnering with the leading suppliers of high performance servers, storage, networking and software has enabled RAID Inc. to design the optimum solutions for many satisfied customers. Some of our partners are listed below.

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RAID Inc. is a HPC solution provider. We collaborate with various vendors to bring high performance computing and storage solutions to life. Partner with us today!