Microway, RAID Inc. Announce New Collaboration to Deliver Integrated AI Compute + Data Solutions

Integrated Solutions for Commercial, Academic, and Government Organizations November 8, 2018 – Plymouth and Andover, MA – Microway and RAID Inc. jointly announced today a new collaboration to deliver AI Compute + Data Solutions together. These solutions will be delivered as a unified deployment and single customer experience. Acknowledging the importance of creating comprehensive solutions for end-to-end AI workflows, the …

“Troubleshooting the Stack” as it Applies to Larger Computer Systems

HPC systems have both layered hardware and software.  A great visual troubleshooting tool is to make a layer diagram of your system, include a couple commands and logs to health check the individual layers. Starting at the end-user client, transverse down through the layers toward the individual disks in your storage.  Think of this as tracking an individual block of …

Spectrum Scale Sample Deployment

Gov’t Agency 10PB+ Spectrum Scale Tiered File  System Sample Configuration Tier1 & Metadata SSD Storage 8 NDS nodes 8 ARI-103 24-bay block storage Systems 200 TB usable GPFS tier1 storage Tier2 NLSAS Storage 6 NSD nodes 6 ARI-109 56-bay block storage systems and 18 56-bay JBODs 10 PB usable capacity 30+ GB/s throughput performance

Lustre on ZFS Sample Deployment

DoE18 PB Deployment Sample Configuration Metadata 16 MDS nodes 8 Ability® 24-bay EBODs 25 TB usable SSD capacity Object 36 OSS nodes 36 Ability® 84-bay EBODS 18 PB usable capacity 100+ GB/s throughput performance   We Create Optimized Lustre Solutions Based on Our Customer’s Unique Requirements  

Lustre on ZFS Sample Building Block

Scalable Lustre ZFS building blocks with RAID Inc Ability® JBODs Highly-Available clusters with no single point of failure Scale for capacity and performance of both data and metadata 24 bay enclosure SSD or HDD for metadata 84 bay enclosure for capacity object storage Infiniband, Omni-Path and Ethernet Lustre networking   Benefits of ZFS End-to-End Data Integrity SSD Read Cache Compression …