High Performance Lustre ZFS

Scalable, Economical, Performance Solutions in HPC, Cloud and Big Data Centers

ZFS is a robust, scalable file system with features not available in other file systems available today. ZFS can enable cheaper storage solution for Lustre and increase end-to-end data.

Lustre on ZFS
Key Features
  • Hybrid Storage Pool (ARC+L2ARC+ZIL)
  • Copy on Write (COW)
  • Checksumming
  • Always consistent on disk
  • Snapshot and replication
  • Resilvering
  • Manageability
  • Compression and deduplication

arrow Press Release! LLNL selects RAID Inc. for new parallel file system in its high performance computing center.


How do Lustre and ZFS Interact:

  • Lustre targets run on a Local File-System on Lustre Severs. Object Storage Device (OSD) Layer supported are:•LDISKFS (EXT4) is the commonly used driver
  • ZFS is the 2nd use of the OSD layer based on OpenZFS implementation Other file system are possible with non trivial work
  • Allows the replacement of Ldiskfs (EXT4) with ZFS
  • Lustre targets can be different types (hybrid Ldiskfs/ZFS is possible)
  • Lustre Clients are unaffected by the choice of OSD filesystem