Enterprise JBOD Solutions

Many big data and technical computing environments do not need most of the built-in features or intelligence of traditional block storage systems. Instead, they need very low cost high density high performance storage containers. As all intelligence, including data protection, is built in to the software, software defined storage is architected to run on EBOD (Enterprise JBODs) hardware enclosures, drastically lowering the cost of the storage solution.

Enterprise JBOD and DAS: Scaling Up and Out

Scaling is accomplished through both “scale-up” (adding more disks to a storage system) and “scale-out” (grouping multiple systems together), resulting in das storage solutions that can grow from terabytes to petabytes, and from gigabits/second to hundreds of gigabytes/second throughput. RAID, Inc. offers 2U and 4U high density high performance enterprise class EBOD enclosures. RAID, Inc.'s concierge approach provides a single point of contact for the entire multi-vendor customized technical computing environment, and delivers personalized service and support.

Enterprise JBOD Offerings
4U 84-Bay Ability EBOD: Ultra-Dense, Cost-Effective SAS/SSD Storage Expansion
2U 60-Bay Ability EBOD SSD: The Industry Densest Storage Enclosure for 2.5” SSDs and SAS Hard Drives
2U 24-Bay SSD/SAS Ability EBOD: Cost-Effective Enterprise-Class JBOD 2U (24) 2.5” Drive Enclosures
EBOD/2U 24-Bay NVMe/PCIe Ability Flash Array
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