2U 24-Bay Ability EBOD SSD/SAS Flash Storage Array

2U 24-Bay Ability EBOD SSD/SAS JBOD-Flash Storage Appliance
Key Features
  • (6) 12Gb/sec high performance SAS ports per enclosure
  • Multiple Drive partitioning/split-bus zoning modes
  • Operation with either single I/O controller or dual I/O controller for redundant failover
  • Hot-pluggable I/O controller(s) and dual redundant high efficiency advanced power/cooling (APC) modules
  • Flexibility to choose SSD or SAS to achieve the right performance, reliability and price
  • SAS point-to-point connectivity isolates drive failures, increasing reliability and fault tolerance, and improving performance

RAID Incorporated’s 2U 24-Bay SAS/SSD Ability EBOD (Enterprise-Class JBOD) is a purpose-built flash storage solution designed for mid-level storage application utilizing the latest 12G SAS architecture with ability to scale in capacity simply.

The Ultra-Dense 2U 24-Bay 12 Gb/s Ability EBOD (Enterprise-Class JBOD) supports SAS/SATA 2.5 SSDs and has the ability to deliver 24GB/s over [6} 12Gb SAS wide ports while ingesting data. With the addition of a 12 Gb SAS back plane in the Ability Flash appliance, the increased performance of 12Gb SAS SSD can be delivered. The throughput and IOPs performance is governed by the speed and the number of SSDs used, not by any limitation imposed by the EBOD.

This JBOD offers best-in-class performance, space saving density, “green” energy efficiency and 24×7 high-availability redundancy of key components.

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With software-enabled zoning functions, this versatile solution can accommodate a variety of uses. Multiple servers can be allocated their own distinct groups of SSDs enabling both data protection and added security. Alternatively, multiple servers can be allowed to see all the drives or clusters of drives to architect ZFS, Lustre, GPFS , and Linux Software Raid solutions.