4U 96-Bay Storage Enclosure – Ability®

Key Features
  • High density cold storage and archival enclosure
  • Full-featured robust 12 Gb/sec SAS 3.0 storage enclosure
  • Carrier-less, hot swappable hard drive installation enhances ease of drive installation and servicing
  • Ability to zone the enclosure for maximum flexibility
  • Includes a single RAID Inc. JBOD SAS 3.0 I/O controller module
  • N+1 Hot-pluggable power modules
  • Redundant, hot swappable system cooling fans
  • Two SFF-8644 12Gb/sec SAS 3.0 host and expansion connections support up to 4,800MB/sec bandwidth each
  • SAS daisy-chain expansion to additional 4U 96-Bay storage arrays and other SFF-8644 SAS compliant host/expansion ports
  • Standard chassis customization and branding available

In today’s datacenter, the need for high density and low cost archival and cold storage appliances is more important than ever. The RAID Inc 4U 96-Bay Enclosure is a low cost bulk storage solution that simplifies the addition of archival and cold storage infrastructure to the datacenter.

With best in class storage density and the use of low cost archival 3.5” SATA hard disk drives the 4U 96-Bay Enclosure provides a reliable and inexpensive solution for cold storage and archival applications.

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12G SAS connectivity provides excellent performance, and the enclosure features full SES 3.0 in-band enclosure management capabilities.

Serviceability is enhanced by the use of carrier-less hard drive installation, which simplifies drive installation and maintenance while maintaining excellent drive performance.