ARI-400 Series

Key Features
  • Advanced Virtualization Hybrid Features of the ARI Series
  • 5.7GB/s Write, 7GB/s Read
  • Proven 99.999% uptime
  • Automatic Drive Tiering (optional)
  • Declustered RAID
  • Fastest Drive Rebuild Times
  • Virtual Disk Pools = faster
  • SSD Flash Cache
  • VolumeCopy, Snapshot & Remote Replication (optional)
  • Thin Provisioning
  • Max Drive Support: 336 HDD SSD NLSAS
  • SED & FIPS-2 Support
  • Host Options:
    (8) 16 GB FC
    (8) 12 GB SAS
    (8) 10 GB iSCSI
  • Degraded Disk Detection
  • Disk Background Scrub
  • Battery Free Backup
  • Automated Provisioning Tool

ARI-400 Series of storage products is designed for all purpose high performance applications and high demands of all parallel file systems including Spectrum Scale and Lustre.

Foundation, distributed erasure coding technology, ensures the best data protection designed for HDD, hybrid, and all flash arrays.

There are four versions in the series. 2U 12-Bay, 2U 24-Bay Hybrid, 2U 24-Bay Flash, and a 5U 84-Bay.

5.7GB/s Writes, 7GB/s Reads and also sustain 450,000 IOPs making this series ideal for any high performance computing Big Data or cloud applications.

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Learn more about ARI-400’s storage features below:

Enhanced Performance Storage system leverages patent cache technology that instantly and simultaneously mirrors cache between RAID controllers, leading to significant performance improvements over traditional implementations.

Virtual Disk Pools:  Virtual Disk Pools decouples the LUN from being restricted to a single VDisk. A Volume’s data on a given LUN can now expand across all disk drives in a pool.   When capacity is added to a system, the user is also getting a performance benefit of the additional spindles. Additionally this capability provides seamless capacity expansion; data automatically reflows to new drives and IOPs scales with additional storage.

Foundation: Declustered RAID data protection with high performance I/O. Fastest rebuild times. No spares. Eliminates enclosure geometry restrictions. Allows mixed drive sizes and easy capacity expansion. Up to 128 drives per disk group. Works with SSD and HDD disk groups.

Remote Replication  optionalx100Equipped with remote replication software, ARI-400 provides the easiest array-to-array remote replication solution on the market today, enabling disaster recovery protection and business continuity with support for up to 1000 snapshots per hybrid storage array. By providing centralized, array-level replication, Remote Replication offloads backup operations from critical application servers, and aids IT managers in complying with regulations such as the HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley acts.