Lustre over ZFS

ZFS is a robust, scalable file-system with features not available in other file systems available today. RAID Inc. offers highly-customized Lustre over ZFS solutions to enable cheaper, more reliable storage for Lustre while maintaining high performance .

Today, HPC is a key technology for enterprises of all sizes. Getting maximum performance from HPC and data - intensive applications is a necessity that requires storage infrastructure that scales endlessly and delivers unmatched I/O levels. In partnering with Intel® Enterprise Edition for Lustre software (Intel® EE for Lustre software), RAID Inc. unleashes the performance and scalability of the Lustre parallel file system for HPC workloads, including technical ‘big data’ applications. Lustre over ZFS comes with many added benefits. The below are some concepts that details how Lustre and ZFS interact. Lustre targets run on a Local File-System on Lustre Severs. Object Storage Device (OSD) Layer supported are:

ZFS is the 2nd use of the OSD layer based on OpenZFS implementation. Other file system are possible with non trivial work

Lustre targets can be different types (hybrid Ldiskfs/ZFS is possible)

Allows the replacement of Ldiskfs (EXT4) with ZFS

Lustre Clients are unaffected by the choice of OSD filesystem

Compression and deduplication

Snapshot and replication

Data scrubbing and resilvering

LDISKFS (EXT4) is the commonly used driver

Other key features of Lustre over ZFS are:

Hybrid Storage Pool (ARC+L2ARC+ZIL)

ZFS helps build a software RAID for Lustre

Supports encryption


Copy on Write (COW)

Always consistent on disk


Intel EE for Lustre software has been designed to enable fully parallel I/O throughput across thousands of clients, servers, and storage devices. Metadata and data are stored on separate servers to allow optimization of each system for the different workloads they present. Improved metadata scalability using Distributed Namespace (DNE) feature is now integrated in Intel Manager for Lustre. Intel EE for Lustre can also scale down efficiently to provide fast parallel storage for smaller organizations.
Lustre has been in use in the world’s largest data centers for over a decade and hardened in the harshest big data environments. Intel EE for Lustre software is rigorously tested, reliable, and backed by Intel, the leading provider of technical support for Lustre software. Intel EE for Lustre software delivers commercial - ready Lustre in a package that can scale efficiently both up and down to suit your business workloads, with built - in manageability.
When organizations operate both Lustre and Apache Hadoop within a shared HPC infrastructure, there is a compelling use case for using Lustre as the file system for Hadoop analytics, as well as HPC storage. Intel Enterprise Edition for Lustre includes an Intel - developed adapter which allows users to run MapReduce applications directly on Lustre. This optimizes the performance of MapReduce operations while delivering faster, more scalable, and easier to manage storage.
The object - based storage architecture for Lustre software can scale to tens of thousands of clients and petabytes of data.
Lustre software is based on the community release of Lustre software, and is hardware, server, and network fabric neutral. Enterprises can scale their storage deployments horizontally, yet continue to have simple - to - manage storage.
Lustre software includes simple, but powerful, management tools that provide a unified, consistent view of Lustre storage systems and simplify the installation, configuration, monitoring, and overall management of Lustre. The manager consolidates all Lustre information in a central, browser - accessible location for ease of use.

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Enterprises are focused on addressing challenges with data that is expanding at a faster rate like never before. It has become a challenge for industries to perform data utilization at speeds that help faster innovation. Those that can deliver insights faster while managing rapid infrastructure growth are the leaders in their industry. An organization’s underlying storage must support both new-era big data and traditional applications with security, reliability and high-performance. RAID Inc storage systems optimized for Lustre over ZFS will meet your specific HPC needs and challenges. Our high-performance File-system solutions help you manage your data at scale with the distinctive ability to perform IO with faster speeds while being reliable along with options like archiving and analytics in place.

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